Enzymes, Pro-biotics, Chelators and other mysterious medicines

Since this blog is now one full day old, I will mark the occasion by adding a new post.

Today I had the opportunity to drop into one of my new favourite places in Dublin.. Nourish on Liffey Street.

I happened to be passing and dropped in to get some advice on enzymes and pro-biotics. I’m still not clear on the subtle differences.. I understood that the enzymes are what break down your food into available fuel.. basically your stomach juices, and the pro-biotics re-populated your gut with friendly bacteria, the more diverse the better, to regain the balance in gut flora, but I wasn’t too sure if the enzymes and pro-biotics I had been taking were the right ones. I also wanted to clarify when they were supposed to be consumed.. some directed before food, some with and some on a full stomach.

Now I need to introduce another player in the game of “get your gut outta the rut” at this point. This guy is a key player in fact. His name is L-Glutamine, and he’s an amino acid that helps your body repair it’s intestine walls.. a very important job in this game. L-Glutamine is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED on nearly every resource available online.. and Jamie in Nourish backed that up. I initially choose a powder which combined L-Glutamine and a blend of complementary enzymes.. sounds like a good idea?.. I thought so.. 2 birds and all that, but then I realised that L-Glutamine MUST be taken on an empty stomach, whereas the enzymes are better taken WITH food. Not really a big deal, but I decided to get some separate enzymes just in case.. they ain’t cheap by the way.. nor are the pro-biotics, or most of this stuff actually, but it’s worth going for the best quality in my view.. not a good time to be skimping on quality when your health is in the balance. I was recommended “Bio-Force” because they invest a lot more time and effort in their production.

So that was wrapped up and we got to chatting about Leaky Gut.. the various approaches to healing and I mentioned I was on an exclusion diet, including all fruit and natural sugars, to attempt to contain a suspected Candida overgrowth [I’ll go into that can of worms in another post]. Jamie’s eyes lit up. He had the very thing for the ‘ol candida.. actually I had a choice. I could use Extract of Olive leaf.. or Oregano Oil to kill it off. He had personal experience [hope he doesn’t mind me telling the world] and the Olive leaf extract did the job in no time. I was sold.. eager to rid myself of this entity which I suspected was at the root of my sugar/carb cravings.. so it goes!

I used up the last of my pennies and walked out the door whistling my way to a Candida-less gut. ..Then I met up with my friend and unofficial doctor.. Ailish. The gods had sent her to me only recently and she had proved to be a valuable font of nutritional and medical wisdom, having been through a life-threatening illness brought about by exposure to mercury. She was convinced that my gut problems had been triggered by not just my diet, but something more sinister.. the amalgam fillings that had been slowly dispensing mercury into my mouth for twenty years! [yet another blog post to cover that one]. I had recently had the two offending fillings removed, a big mistake according to Ailish, since no dentist in Ireland was equipped to carry out the procedure safely. This was a shock to me, since I had pain-stakingly searched out an authority on the subject.. and he had convinced me of his aptitude.. anyway her belief was that I was experiencing heightened symptoms in recent months, precisely because there was some mercury still in my system. Now the kicker.. she told me that the Candida was absorbing the mercury and by no means should I try to eradicate it, for that would release the mercury again, causing extreme illness. At that point she reminded me of  Andy Cutler’s Chelation Protocol.

Cutler is a pharmacist who suffered severe mercury poisoning and nearly died before developing a method of detoxing, using the chelation method.. [yet another future blog post].

Ailish then reminded me that I must be fully prepared for this procedure, to know all the details of the protocol, to have a stock of all the necessary supplements, herbs, vitamins, oils, chelators and enzymes to hand.. and most importantly, to be physically and mentally prepared for a rough ride.. This method of detoxification can be very dangerous, because you are trying to flush the toxins out through bodily fluids and if they are not expelled quickly enough, they can do enormous and permanent harm, especially to organs like the brain.

This is all new to me, and might be in-accurate, but the lady seemed to know a hell of a lot about this, so I was going to take heed. She went on to tell me about Huggins, a Kiwi who thought the chelators were too dangerous. His protocol included a vitamin c drip. I haven’t looked into any of this yet, but you may bet I am going to!

Stay tuned to find out what I find out.. or go look for yourself and see what you can dig up. If you find a nugget, share the wealth of wisdom please!


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